Do you want to know about some secrets? …®

If you like challenges and if you like exploring new things and finding out about things which might seem weird or inexpressively incomprehensible, yet achievable, there you are! Get familiar and dig into one of the most interesting languages in the world – Bulgarian language.

I truly enjoy teaching Bulgarian language, since the moment I started doing it! As a linguist, it has always been a great pleasure for me to work with different languages and to admire the incredible work of God who has created such a variety of languages and has given to men the ability to handle them!

How does this work? It is a secret, an obvious secret, though.


So, here, having talked to God, I decided that I could tell you few ways to discover part of this secret through Bulgarian language…

Let me be very practical, because this is only the beginning of the story, so most probably I shall continue with many more stories and explanations…

Anyway, my point is, once you have learned a verb in Bulgarian, it might help you a lot in your actions…

Once you have learned the word „не”  which means “no”, it might give you the chance to come to something more… and if combine them    verb + „не”= to a whole conclusion

( word formation – that’s how we form substantives , nouns )

Пие-не      drinking

Яде-не       eating

Чете-не       reading

Пуше-не     smoking

Гледа-не     watching


Well, someone has been very negative there and has tried to deny all kind of action! Don’t blame these people that now and then, they tend to be somewhat fainéants…☺

To be continued…☺®

Author: ELI

BULGARIAN LANGUAGE: How far can we go?
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