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Learn Bulgarian

On 24 May Bulgaria celebrates the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet

It was created approximately 1100 years ago and presently approximately 300 000000 people are using it. Actually Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the world that have created their own alphabets. That is why almost 100 % of the sounds in the modern Bulgarian language have their own sign and basically you always […]

The Bulgarian Alphabet

How much time does it take to be able to read simple sentences? Why some letters appear different when I see them in the signs around and when I see them in a short note that someone has written to me? Why are there words that sound slightly different than the way they are written? […]

BULGARIAN LANGUAGE: How far can we go?

Do you want to know about some secrets? …® If you like challenges and if you like exploring new things and finding out about things which might seem weird or inexpressively incomprehensible, yet achievable, there you are! Get familiar and dig into one of the most interesting languages in the world – Bulgarian language. I […]