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Have you ever been to an exotic place? Where? What is exotic about it?

What are the most popular exotic destinations?

How do you decide where to spend your holiday?

What do you do before you go somewhere for the first time? What luggage items do you always take with you? Do you look for information about the country you are visiting? What kind of information do you need to have in advance? Where do you search for it? The Internet? Friends? Travel agency?

2. Тук курсистите разглеждат списък с полезна информация за туризъм в, например,  Египет. Обсъждат се точки като:

Geography, Climate, Language, Currency, Visas, Clothes, History, Culture, Religion, Places of interest, Getting around, etc.

3. Курсистите получават три кратки текста, отразяващи мнението на трима гости на различни хотели в Египет. Впечатленията са различни-положително, отрицателно и задоволително.

Are these reviews helpful? Do you rely on other people’s opinions?


4. Накрая всеки разказва за запомнящо се преживяване, отсядайки в хотел\хижа\вила и т.н.

What was your best\worst experience staying at a hotel? Where were you? Who with? What did\didn’t you like most? Was it clean? What was the food like? What was the weather like? Was the staff helpful?



Автор: Петя Николова

Разговорен английски: Exotic Destinations

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